NEWS Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016        
Agendas for implementation to boost Health Care System of Delhi
Published on 07 August 2016

To,                             Date: 10-08-2016

Sh. Arvind Kejriwal

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi

Delhi Secretariat


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Subject: Agendas for implementation to boost Health Care System of Delhi

Respected Sir,

I personally appreciate the efforts of Delhi Govt in Health Sector. Govt especially emphasizes on punctuality, strictness against hospital employees, imposition of various responsibilities & penalties, suspension of doctors, efforts on payment of outsource services, opening of Mohalla Clinics, Polyclinics, 100% availability of quality Medicines in all Delhi Govt. Hospitals, etc.

No doubt, these things are essential but the path is difficult without curbing corruption and prompt action against exposed corruption cases. No action against corrupts will enhance corruption, ruin Govt policies and hamper growth of Health sector.

Govt should also consider and implement Public & Employees Awareness, improve Corruption handling Policy, Protection of Law and Orders, Enhancement of Transparency & Uniformity, re-consideration of Policies and Justice issue, public health care issues and Strengthening of Hospital facilities and Resources.

But, I regret to inform you that the Govt. is not showing any interest in curbing corruption. It is said because I have exposed several corruption cases of H& FW Deptt, DGHS and CPA as Whistle blower but no concrete action has been taken in any single case. It is going on when the Govt. of Delhi is known for their honesty and against corruption. All the exposed corruption stories are available on my also.

However, being a Whistle blower doctor of this system and a common man of Delhi perceives that the efforts of Delhi Govt will remain the dream of People of Delhi also, if the system can not be overhauled through various measures.

Therefore, I hereby submitting following agendas for consideration and implementation to boost Health care System of Delhi which will definitely bring revolution in Health Sector in Delhi.


  1. Public & Employees Awareness - There are instances reported of acts of violence against medical professionals and the incidences are increasing day by day. In Delhi, the principal law governing safety of medical personnel is theDelhi Medicare Service Personnel and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Act, 2008. Therefore, H&FW Deptt must ensure about the publicity of this act in public and communicate with higher authorities of Delhi Police to take action against the culprits under this Act.

  2. Public & Employees Awareness - In fact most of the hospital employees are not aware with their duties and responsibilities. It creates inadvertently nuisance in patient care. Therefore, H&FW Deptt/DGHS must publish information regarding duties and responsibilities of employees of each post. It should be published in booklet form and distribute free of cost to hospital employees and also upload on their website for easy access for General public.

  3. Hospital Employees Safety Policy - Please ensure safety of doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and other hospital employees through increasing security guards in all Delhi Govt hospitals. It is not enough only deployment of security guards, they must be trained for handling violence. They should have special direction of what to do and Not to do during violence.

  4. Transfer Policy - Secretary, H& FW Deptt, GNCTD has prepared and approved the Transfer Policy for all Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and other employees on 22-08-2014 but it is not followed by H & FW Deptt. Therefore, please strictly implement duly approved Transfer Policy and stop Pick and Choose method for transfer of hospital employees.

  5. Transfer Policy – To stop Illegal Transfer Industry of H & FW Deptt, Please ensure transfer of all category of officers/officials/Medical staff/Paramedical staff from H & FW Deptt., DHS, Hospitals and Dispensaries posted at same place since last more than 5 years as per transfer Policy.

  6. Transfer Policy - Secretary, H& FW Deptt, GNCTD denied all manual transfers on 20-05-2014 and validated online transfers only but manual transfers are going on in H&FW Deptt which is often utilized to do harassment of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Nursing orderlies and other employees. Therefore, please ensure to stop backdoor Manual Transfer immediately.

  7. Rotation Policy - Please ensure immediate implementation of Rotation Policy in every offices/ departments of H & FW Deptt strictly, as per notifications of CVC to curtail corruption.

  8. Public Health Care Issue - Delhi Govt Hospitals not having uniform Infection control Policy as agreed by the officials of H&FW Deptt, DFW and DGHS in an RTI. It resulted into non-essential purchase of costly disinfectants which resulted into Govt. Revenue loss. It is adversely affecting the public health through super Bugs. Therefore, please ensure uniform Infection Control Policy for all Delhi Govt. Hospitals in Public interest to sterile the Operation theaters and Labour Room and minimize infection in other premises of hospitals like Casualty, etc.

  9. Public Health Care Issue - Doctors are not trained in administrative work and they help the administration as well as Govt. to combat huge crisis of administrative personnel in hospitals. They are providing their best services as per their knowledge along with their main professional work in patient care. But H&FW Deptt often utilize it as a tool of harassment of doctors for which they are not trained. Therefore, please immediately withdraw all administrative works from doctors in Public interest and Delhi Govt. also desires it. This will be a revolutionary step of Govt in patient care and doctors can able to devote their maximum time to patients.

  10. Public Health Care Issue - Delhi Govt. is opening Mohalla clinics and Polyclinics. H&FW Deptt ordered to run Polyclinics by the Specialists daily but due to lack of specialist in each specialty, the M.S. of hospitals are handicapped to do justice with the orders. Due to shortage of specialists, the polyclinics are run by Senior residents which is injustice with the patients. Therefore, please appoint specialists in all specialized branches immediately and do justice with the patients and in large public interest.

  11. Strengthening of Hospital Resources - DSHM appointed Bio-medical Engineers for Repair/AMC/CMC of Hospital equipments but the man power is get wasting in CPA. They have not repaired even a single equipment since their appointment. It resulted into at least Rs. 16 Crores of Govt revenue loss. Therefore, pl. ensure that Biomedical Engineers will help in hospitals for Repair/AMC/CMC of equipments in public interest and immediately take disciplinary action against the officers involved in Govt. Loss.

  12. Strengthening of Hospital Resources - Delhi Govt. Hospitals have shortage of Pharmacists. Nursing orderlies are distributing medicines from pharmacy of hospitals to combat shortage of pharmacists. On other hand, 15 Pharmacists are posted in CPA against 2 sanctioned posts where there is no specific work for Pharmacists and no warehouse in CPA. Therefore pl. stop misuse of pharmacists in CPA and ensure that Medicines should not be distributed through N.Os and prevent any tragedy with patients.

  13. Protection of Law and Orders - Interference of outsiders claiming MLA/Delhi Govt volunteers is become a great threat for hospital employees. They often force hospital employees to favor them out of way. In turn, so called volunteers threat doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nursing orderlies and other employees of the hospital for their transfers to remote Hospitals and also submit false & frivolous complaints. If they are real volunteers then they should have valid identity cards issued by Delhi Govt. otherwise please take necessary action to stop such type of unauthorized entry in the hospitals in public interest.

  14. Corruption handling Policy - Please ensure and improve procedure of handling corruption cases that none of the authority of Delhi Govt. will forward corruption related complaints to the same authority against whom the complaint was/is filed. This tool is utilized to protect corrupts and enhance corruption.

  15. Corruption handling Policy - The officers/officials of H&FW Deptt not take care of files especially concerned with the inquiries and action related to corruptions. It is a source of corruption and harassment of concerned employees. Therefore, to curb corruption and harassment of employees in H&FW Deptt, please add provision of penalty against the responsible officer for the delay in clearing the files.

  16. Corruption Case and required Action - Please conduct CBI enquiry against Sh. S.C.L. Das (IAS) for harassment of Whistle blower, misuse of power, Manipulation & Fabrication of transfer records of doctors, protected corrupt doctors of AAAGH and done other financial corruptions in H&FW Deptt when he was Secretary in H&FW Deptt.

  17. Corruption Case and required Action - Dr. Amit Sharma (CMO NFSG) conducted illegal Age Determination Examination (around 170 cases) and conducted uncounted Medico-legal cases duped as Radiologist in collaboration with Dr. Surender Singh (former Chairman Medical board) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (former M.S, AAAGH) between May 2010 to May 2014. However, Dr. Sharma is not having any Degree/Diploma/DNB in Radiology. Therefore, Please file FIR and Disciplinary action against Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma, Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and Dr. Surender Singh for their Criminality in Age Determination Examination and ensure time bound Action.

  18. Corruption Case and required Action – (Ref. Complaint dated 12-03-2015) DGHS is providing medicines to its em-paneled DGEHS Pensioners only through own tender at variable discount rates against Financial Rules. Simultaneously, directed all hospitals to send indent of all Pensioners to DGHS and don't provide them medicines from their respective hospitals. However, hospitals providing medicines to in-service beneficiaries through tenders at higher discount than DGHS. It results in Govt. Revenue loss of Rs. Several crores in the past. Secondly, hospitals doing reimbursement of medicines, not having their own valid rates. Medical stores in market are providing 15% discount on branded medicines easily. Here if we calculate, there is at least Govt. Revenue loss for Rs. 10 Crores from hospitals. and if consider from all Delhi Govt. Departments it will be around Rs. 100 Crores of Govt Revenue loss every year. Therefore, please ensure H&FW Deptt and DGHS should formulate a uniform policy to prevent Huge Govt. Revenue Loss immediately. Please file FIR and take Disciplinary action against the officers/officials who are involved in this SCAM.

  19. Corruption Case and required Action - (Ref. Complaint dated 05-09-2015) The authorities/officers/officials had grossly modified Tender terms and condition without approval from Finance and Law department against the tender Tender F. No. 25 (III)/DGEHS/453 /DHS/2015 of Empanelment of Chemist under DGEHS for supply of Medicines and Drugs to Delhi Govt. Dispensaries / Hospitals situated in various clusters for the period 2015-16”. Therefore, please ensure CBI enquiry and Disciplinary Action against the Officers/ officials involved in Illegal tendering and manipulation of Tender terms and conditions.

  20. Corruption Case and required Action - (Ref. Complaint dated 17-10-2015) CPA, DHS has done Limited Tender for Rs. 3 Crores through Tender Document ID: 2015_DHS_91445_1 for Procurement of Miscellaneous Items for H1N1 Management”. There was VIOLATION OF GENERAL FINANCE RULE (GFR) 150 (i) & 151 (I) i.e. Limited tender done for Rs. 3 Crores AND 150 (v); 151 (iii) and 160 (v) i.e. Tender opened within 5 days and 17 hours from the date of Bid submission. Therefore, please ensure CBI enquiry and Disciplinary Action against the Officers/ officials involved in Illegal tendering and manipulation of Tender terms and conditions.

  21. Corruption Case and required Action - Dr. Vijoy Kumar, Director CPA has procured 24 computers (18 Desktop + 6 Laptops) against 15 Sanctioned post (including peon, driver and Nursing Orderly) at DGS&D approved rates for Rs. 12, 17,777/-. Supply order not issued to DGS&D and to the approved supplier. Supply order given to another third firm and Violated GFR 147. Desktop and Laptops both issued to 5 different officers/officials. Laptops also issued to non-entitled officials i.e. below rank of Joint Secretary as per Govt. order. Therefore, Please File FIR and take Disciplinary Action against Dr. Vijoy Kumar instead of giving him promotion as CEO & MD of DHCL for his corruption.

  22. Corruption Case and required Action - Negligence of Dr. Vijoy Kumar, Director CPA resulted into supply of sub-standard medicines in Delhi Govt. Hospitals. Moreover, he has not taken any action against the supplier and above all released their payment also without any deduction. Therefore, Please File FIR and take Disciplinary Action against Dr. Vijoy Kumar instead of giving him promotion as CEO cum MD of DHCL for his corruption.

  23. Corruption Case and required Action – Delhi Govt incorporated Delhi Healthcare Corporation Limited (DHCL) through abolishing CPA. Many formalities are yet to complete by the Govt but the so called Managing Director of DHCL advertised several post for recruitment of employees and latter on the result of interview was dropped and canceled. It is the wastage of Govt revenue done by MD of DHCL. Funds not allocated to DHCL as stated by Dr. Vijoy Kumar against one of my RTI. Therefore, it can be said that corruption in DHCL started from the beginning. Therefore, please take necessary action against the officers/officials involved in this Govt. Revenue loss.

  24. Protection of Law and Orders - Please implement Whistle blower Protection Act 2011 in Public interest and ensure that no Whistle blower will be harassed AND as ordered in Central Vigilance Commissions (CVC) guidelines. Please ensure punishment against officer/officials in time bound manner who discloses the identity and do harassment of Whistle blower.

  25. Protection of Law and Orders - Please ensure immediate time bound Disciplinary Action against Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) AND Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) in Corruption cases of AAAGH as per order of Chief Secretary, Delhi and action pending since 23-07-2014. Selective action taken against Dr. S.B. Srivastava and again protected Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and Dr. Surender Singh.

  26. Protection of Law and Orders - H&FW Deptt. should complete all pending enquiries and take disciplinary action in time bound manner and help Delhi Govt. to fight against corruption in public interest.

  27. Protection of Law and Orders - Please stop policy of promotions to the corrupts against whom the corruption complaints are pending for action. A lot of corruption complaints are pending against Dr. Vijoy kumar and the authorities of Delhi Govt. promoted him to CEO and MD of DHCL without conducting any enquiry and action. Therefore, please ensure that none of the officer/official will be promoted before completing enquiry and action. It will prevent corruption further and will be in large public interest.

  28. Enhance Transparency - Please ensure regular update of all information about every tender, purchase, approved price bid, information regarding sub-standard medicines, its result, etc. on DGHS website to increase transparency, awareness and in large public interest.

  29. Enhance Transparency - H&FW Deptt is completely reluctant for not following RTI Act, 2005 and therefore not uploading all circulars/office orders/guidelines issued by H & FW Deptt & DGHS on website. Therefore, please ensure regular update of all circulars/ office orders/ guidelines on website so that hospital employees can easily access the information.

  30. Enhance Transparency - H&FW Deptt and DGHS should put a board at prominent place to display the number of complaints they received and how many complaints they have resolved. Please ensure monthly update of this information over the website.

  31. Maintain Uniformity - There are a lot of discrepancies in providing entitled allowances to the hospital employees and it varies in all the hospitals which is a great source of corruption. Therefore, H& FW Deptt must ensure that all the hospitals are uniformly providing the entitled allowances to each and every employees of the hospital to curb corruption.

  32. Policy and Justice issue – Delhi Govt. established Public Grievance Monitoring System (PGMS) to resolve the grievances of Public. The undersigned Whistle blower has filed around 40 PGMS complained which are falsely disposed by H&FW Deptt and many grievance are still showing “Under Process” even after expiry of more than ONE YEAR. Moreover, none of the authorities of any department has communicated regarding grievances. Therefore, please ensure proper justice to the complainant against each grievances.

  33. Policy and Justice issue - Retirement age increased to 65 years for Central Govt Doctors as per MOHFW order on 31.5.2016 and duly approved by Hon'ble President of India. Therefore, please implement the said order of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for enhancing the age of superannuation of all doctors of the Central Health Service to 65 years.

  34. Policy and Justice issue - Delhi Govt had abolished Directorate of Health Services (DHS) where post of Director was an identified post for Doctors of Grade Pay for Rs, 10,000/-. Govt. formulated Directorate General of health Services (DGHS) where Director General (DG) post is an identified post of Central Govt of Grade Pay of Rs. 12,000/- i.e. HAG. But an IRS officer is appointed as Director General of DGHS on temporary basis having Grade Pay less than Rs. 10,000/-. However, a lot of doctors are in Delhi Govt. having Grade Pay for Rs. 10,000/-. Therefore, please appoint SAG Cadre doctor as Director General in DGHS and provide justice to the doctors.

  35. Policy and Justice issue - 2 doctors of Satyawadi Raja Harish Chand Hospital, Narela were suspended on 30 June 2016 probably for some irregularities in their Administrative works and especially for the works for which they are not trained. They are punished for their co-operation to Govt to combat shortage of staff in Administrative works. If they were performing their main professional work only, they will not be suspended. But for any financial irregularity how MS and Account functionary can be escaped but they are protected. Therefore please review the action and conduct a fair enquiry and impose punishment accordingly.

  36. Policy and Justice issue – Delhi Health cadre formulated in December 2009. GDMOs and Specialists were regularized after declaration of Result of interview of UPSC held in May 2012. but H&FW Deptt has not provided any promotion to regularized GDMOs and specialists till date. Therefore, please ensure time bound Promotions to GDMO and Specialists and immediately provide the due promotions.

  37. Policy and Justice issue - Hospital employees are continuously deprived from their benefits which the Law of India permits. H&FW Deptt has not provided promotion to class IV employees of hospitals. The due promotions of Mortuary attendant to Postmortem assistant to Technician to Technical Assistant to Supervisor and all promotions are pending at each level since more than 20 years. Therefore, please ensure time bound promotions to class IV employees and to honor Law of India.

  38. Policy and Justice issue - Pre-retirement death of hospital employees are more in hospitals and 5% quota of Job to family member on compensate ground is provided by the Govt. but full benefit is not given to the deceased families of Hospitals. Therefore, please ensure 100% placement of hospital employee relatives against the death of Class IV Hospital employee. It should not be filed up by the employees of other department.

  39. Policy Issue – Please fill up the vacant posts in the hospitals through recruitment of Medical officers, Specialists, Pharmacists, and other technical & non-technical post which are lying vacant for many years in the hospitals. It will help to combat shortage of staff in the hospitals. Please start new hospital services after ensuring the required hospital staff and facilities. Otherwise, it will be injustice with patients.

  40. Policy Issue – Please conduct fresh AR studies in the hospitals to analyze the actual requirement of hospital staff in each categories in view of work load in each department including Accident & Emergency department separately on the basis of daily footfall of Outdoor and admitted Indoor patients.

Respected sir, the above compiled agendas will definitely help the Govt to bring revolution in boosting the Health Care System. I request you to please take necessary action and waiting for your kind reply and action taken report.

With regards

Whistle blower Applicant

Dr. Avinash Kumar

B-3/4E, Gasta Complex

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063

Mobile: 9560593045



Copy to:

  1. Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, GNCTD

  2. Hon'ble Dy. Chief Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  3. Hon'ble Health Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  4. Chief Secretary of Delhi, GNCTD

  5. Director, Vigilance, GNCTD

  6. Anti-corruption Branch, GNCTD

  7. Secretary (H&FW) & DGHS, GNCTD

  8. Others