NEWS Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016        
Delhi Govt. promote & utilizing Corrupts to Clamp Down Whistle blower - "Please safeguard Law of India"
Published on 04 September 2016

To,                                                         Date: 04-09-2016

  1. Hon'ble President of India

  2. Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

  3. Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commission

  4. Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, GNCTD

  5. Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  6. Hon'ble Dy. Chief Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  7. Hon'ble Health Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  8. Chief Secretary of Delhi, GNCTD

  9. Secretary (H&FW), GNCTD

  10. Others

Subject: Delhi Govt. promote & utilizing Corrupts to Clamp Down Whistle blower

  • Save Whistle Blower from Clever Fox Tricks of Authorities of Delhi Govt.

  • Prevent undersigned Whistle blower doctor to become an insane Post-graduate (MD Medicine) Doctor

  • Please safeguard Law of India

Respected Sir,

It is very unfortunate that Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) convicted of Corruption Charges by CS/CVO on 07-07-2014 is still wondering free from all Legal Actions and Arrest. Above all, the Competent Authorities of H& FW Deptt are so keen to do harassment of Whistle blower and deliberately transferred Dr. Surender Singh (a certified corrupt) to Babu Jagjivan Ram Memorial Hospital (BJRMH), Jahangirpuri, Delhi-33 the same hospital where Whistle blower is posted. The Authorities of H&FW Deptt are utilizing all Clever Fox Tricks to harm and disturb mentally the undersigned Whistle Blower.

 Transfer order of Dr. Surender Singh

Undersigned Whistle blower, Dr. Avinash Kumar has filed a complaint of Corruption of Aruna Asaf Ali Govt Hospital (AAAGH), Civil Lines, Delhi in Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on 01-08-2013 under PUBLIC INTEREST DISCLOSURE & PROTECTION OF INFORMATION RESOLUTION” with CVC Complaint No. 4726/13/10 dated 26-09-2013. The corrupts of AAAGH and Authorities of H&FW Deptt immediately transferred undersigned Whistle blower from AAAGH to BJRM Hospital especially during enforcement of MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT in view of assembly election on 04-12-2013 and working since then.

On dated 08-05-2014, the 5 Member Committee of AAAGH had submitted their inquiry report to Secretary, H&FW and on dated 09-05-2014, Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and Dr. Surender Singh were transferred from AAAGH to BSA Hospital, Rohini and Bhagwan Mahavir hospital (BMH), Pitampura respectively due to order of Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi. It was a corruption of around Rs. 3 Crores in AAAGH and the corrupts destroyed concerned file of purchasing Rs. 1.5 crores.

After going through the 5 member enquiry report, Chief Secretary, GNCTD on 07-07-2014 ordered Secretary, H&FW Deptt for D/P against Dr. Ashok Jaiswal, Dr. Surender Singh and Dr. S.B. Srivastava and directed to file complaint in ACB and draft charge sheet against these SPS. Case filed in ACB on 23-07-2014. Action from ACB and charge sheet are still pending till date.

Now, H&FW Deptt transferred Dr. Surender Singh through Order No. BJRM-A012(11)/4/2016-EB(BJRMH)-O/o dated 30-08-2016 from BMH, Pitampura to BJRM Hospital and he joined BJRM Hospital on 31-08-2013 (A.N.). Dr. Surender Pal, Medical Superintendent, BJRM Hospital designated Dr. Surender Singh as HOO & DMS on 01-09-2016. I have informed M.S., BJRM in writing through letter diary No. 6234 on dated 02-03-2016 and personally met on dated 03-09-2016, asked to withdraw such highly responsible and sensitive post from Dr. Surender Singh but he refused.

 Letter dated 02-09-2016

It is important to mention here that Dr. Surender Pal was M.S. of Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in 2015-16 and Dr. Surender Singh was also posted in BMH from 09-05-2014 to 31-08-2016. Dr. Pal joined BJRM Hospital as M.S. on 22-07-2016 after 2-3 month of Medical leave and Dr. Singh was on leave for about more than 1 month in BMH before joining of BJRM Hospital.

Posting of both doctors i.e. Dr. Surender Pal and Dr. Surender Singh together and refusal from the post of HOO & DMS by M.S is clearly directing towards a huge collaborated corruption and indicating towards a big DACOITY in BJRM Hospital.It means that Dr. Surender Singh is a MILCH COW for H&FW Deptt and therefore, the authorities of H&FW Deptt allowed him to do DACOITY IN AAAGH and no action taken against him till date. Then allowed to do DACOITY in BMH and nowtransferred in BJRM Hospital to continue DACOITY. Simultaneously, it is an attempt of H&FW Deptt to do harassment of Whistle blower and declare the Whistle blower an INSANE DOCTOR. H&FW Deptt not drafted charge sheet and not submitted to DOV for action. Why?

At least, I can not accept a Dacoity in BJRM Hospital and pl don't post Dr. Singh in BJRM Hospital. If you don't want to take action against DR. SURENDER SINGH and wish to earn Golden eggs from him, post him to another hospital/place and beg him for golden egg but I will not allow from BJRM Hospital. Don't put Fire and Petrol together and blaze BJRM Hospital on fire. I will not bow down before these corrupts but exert all my efforts to bow down these corrupts before Law of India. None of the person is above Law of India.

Why Delhi Govt. is giving salary to Dr. Surender Singh? Is it for DACOITY IN MULTIPLE HOSPITALS? Why Delhi Govt. not following transfer Policy of Doctors?Is it to do corruption? On one side, Delhi Govt. claims they are improving the functioning of Hospitals and rationalizing the utilization of Doctors. What do you mean – Doctors hospitals main kaam nahi karte hain? Agar doctors kaam nahi kar rahe hote to daily hajaron dead bodies hospitals se nikalni chahiye thee. On other hand, Govt. is posting such people to do Dacoity in Hospitals. What is this policy? Is it not an attempt to make people fool? Is it not harassment & demoralization of doctors?

I have informed Delhi Govt also about multiple corruptions in H&FW Deptt. Uncounted cases of Corruptions, I have posted on PGMS which is under direct control of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi. It is very shameful that Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi is also silent on corruption of H&FW Deptt? On the other hand, doing publicity that they came in politics to remove corruption. Please stop this dual strategy. Sir, Your Govt is promoting corrupts whether you don't know or with your permission. Your Govt has formed Delhi Healthcare Corporation Ltd (DHCL). I have exposed several corruption cases of Dr. Vijoy Kumar, Director CPA. Your authorities/Govt. has promoted Dr. Vijoy Kumar from Director CPA to CEO & MD of DHCL for his outstanding corruptions. You are saying that you are against corruption. How people of Delhi trust your statements? What it is going on in Delhi Govt.? Is it going on in collaboration with Hon'ble Health Minister? None of the Govt representative and the authorities of H&FW Deptt has given me satisfactory reply. What does it mean? No action against corrupts means Delhi Govt. is doing promotion of all the corrupts.

Chief Minister of Delhi and Health Minister of Delhi must be ashamed that a Delhi Govt. Doctor has opened website against his own H&FW Deptt and doing publicity of your corruptionIske bawjood Delhi sarkaar ko sharm nahi aa rahi hai. It is going on when Delhi Govt. is known for his honesty. Now all become deaf and dumb.

Please stop blame game. Being Govt Employee, I can not say against the Govt. but on the corruption issues, I can say every thing because Law of India permits it. Govt himself and Law of India permits to blow whistle against corruption and I'm doing the same and raising my voice against corruption in Public Interest. It is not my personal interest.

Please don't blame on Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi and Hon'ble Prime Minister of India that ACB is not in the control of Delhi Govt. and you are handicapped. You can at least conduct an fair enquiry and can able to take departmental action and recommend ACB/CBI/CVC for action which is in your hand but you are making public fool. Stop this activity. Please do some work against corruption.

Your Govt and authorities of H&FW are forcing M.S. SRCH to file charge sheet against previous M.S and others. Please let me know, Can a person draft unbiased charge sheet against his own colleagues. Are the officer/officials sitting in H& FW Deptt are illiterate? Why they can not able to draft charge sheet? Why you people putting gun on other shoulder? What do you understand – Doctors have taken their MBBS, MD, MS, etc degree in the administration? Are they perfect in framing charge sheet? Have you given them any training to prepare charge sheet? Why you are joking specially in case of corruption? What these authorities in H&FW Deptt are doing whole day? Only doing planning of How to nab innocent doctors or How to harass doctors?

When I'm giving name of corrupt doctors then why you are protecting them, not taking action and wondering to hunt other doctors? There are only handful corrupts who defame doctors otherwise sabhi doctors jee jaan se mareezo aur sarkar ke hit main kaam kar rahe hain but few corrupts in system maligning the Govt. policies and polluting the atmosphere of hospitals.

More than thousand of Fever patients are handled by these laborious doctors in a day from each hospitals of Delhi. It is the doctors who are controlling worst situations with limited facilities but no one is appreciating their efforts. Doctors are treating each and every patients with having own multiple diseases and pain. They forget all their emergency family works and devoting maximum time for patients. These things you can not want to see and realize. You have to do politics on doctors. If you don't want to take action against corruption - please stop to say that you came in power to eliminate corruption? Why making people fool?

Doctors never put their demand. Seldom, doctors demanded for their security when people victimize and thrash them otherwise they never demand for anything but it is the duty of Govt to understand their problems, status and needs. Govt should work with doctors and in consultation of doctors of each hospitals because problems of each hospitals are different. Delhi Govt. is working on advice of non-experienced doctors OSD and Addl. Secretary who have not worked in hospitals. How you can get exact picture of doctors and hospitals? You are advised to get help of senior honest doctors available in Delhi Govt. Hospitals.

Now by doing strike, nurses will get Rs. 5400/- GP at entry level which is the entry level of Doctors. Can you justify it? Is it correct? Strike means pay hike??? Doctors are not doing strike. What does it mean? It means Doctors are not working and Nurses are treating patients in hospitals OR both are equal. Doctors also want to do strike for their own benefit but they always shudders when they think for strike and outcome of lives of the patients but Nurses not shuddered and Govt has fulfilled their all wishes. It is injustice with doctors. Therefore, The Govt should think about the sacrifices of doctors and decisions be taken for the benefit of doctors also.

I know, the Govt is very much annoyed now through my factual critics and they will take legal action as well as Disciplinary action against me which is the easiest way but I will not bow down to corrupts and injustice. Please show some courage to take action against Corrupts.


I hereby declare on dated 04-09-2016 that Disorder/Mishap of any kind with undersigned Whistle blower Dr. Avinash Kumar OR his any family member, the whole responsibility will be laid down on Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Hon'ble Health Minister of Delhi, Chief Secretary, GNCTD, all Authorities of H&FW Deptt and all nominated/suspected corrupts i.e. Dr. Vijoy Kumar, Dr. Ashok Jaiswal, Dr. S.B. Srivastava, Dr. Surender Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma and Dr. Surender Pal.


Sir, I could not make myself what I should pray to you. I have submitted the facts before you as whistle blower in Public Interest and safeguard of law. Therefore, I only pray to take action as per law and in Public Interest.

Whistle blower Complainant

Dr. Avinash Kumar

B-3/4E, Gasta Complex

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063

Mobile: 9560593045



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