NEWS Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016        
Harassment of Whistle Blower by Secy. Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Published on 31 August 2014

I raised my voice against the corrupt doctors of AAAGH but the harassment started by Mr. S.C.L. Das, Secretary Health, Govt of NCT of Delhi side. Harassment started from the transfer reached to the files where I worked to help the administration of AAAGH in addition to my daily routine work of patient care. Finally Mr. S.C.L. Das got one file proceeded for procurement of Photocopier Machine in AAAGH.  Mr. S.C.L. Das started to nail me at every step in this regard due to the reasons well known to him with protection of Dr. Ashok Jaiswal, against whom several corruption cases are unearthed. 

After doing several communication to the authorities and failed to get any positive response, I wrote a 13 (thirteen pages) letter on dated 31-08-2014 with  subject: “Harassment of Whistle Blower by Secy. Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das, Govt. of NCT of Delhi” addressed to following authorities of India:

To,                                                                                                             Date:31-08-2014

1.    Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble President of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
2.   Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Raisina Hill, South Block, New Delhi
3.   Shri Najeeb Jang, Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Delhi
4.   Central Vigilance Commission, Satarkata Bhawan, Delhi
5.   Chief Secretary, Govt of NCT of Delhi, Delhi
6.    Other Senior Officers/Officials of Central Govt and Delhi Govt.
7.    Media Personnel

Subject: Harassment of Whistle Blower by Secy. Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Respected Sir,

I am a Govt. Employee, doctor by profession and presently working as Specialist Grade-II, Medicine in Babu Jagjivan Ram Memorial Hospital (BJRMH), Jahangirpuri, Govt of NCT of Delhi since 11-12-2013 and before that I was posted in  Aruna Asaf Ali Govt. Hospital (AAAGH), 5-Rajpur Road, Delhi-54.

Sir, I am writing you this letter under compelling circumstances because I am being sacrificed on the ego and personal grudge of Medical Superintendent, AAAGH, his allies and Secretary Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das and especially for blowing the Whistle against corruption. I am the only person who dared to stand all alone against the corrupt and malpractices being done at the instance of the M.S. in AAAG Hospital. 

To increase the transparency within the Govt departments, the Govt of India implemented India implemented RTI Act 2005, Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 and Whistle Blower Protection Act 2011, etc. to check the corruption. Apart from these major acts Govt issues a lot of other rules, regulations, orders, circulars time to time to increase transparency in the work and curb the corruption in Govt. Setups. It is the moral duty of every Govt. employee as well as every citizen of India  to raise their voice against corrupt officers/officials and the corruption being done by them.

Considering it to be my moral duty, I raised my voice against the corruption as 'WHISTLE BLOWER' and addressed a letter dated 01-08-2013 to Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) under “PUBLIC INTEREST DISCLOSURE & PROTECTION OF INFORMATION RESOLUTION” by going through the procedure of filing complaint in CVC in which I exposed several cases of corruption held in AAAGH by the nexus of doctors by using expert unethical practices through violation of Govt. Finance Rules.

In response to the said letter dated 01-08-2013, the Central Vigilance Commission addressed a confidential letter dated 13-08-2013 to undersigned requiring confirmation about the complaint dated 01-08-2013. However, surprisingly, the said letter was not directly handed over to me by the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Ashok Jaiswal who deliberately opened the Confidential letter of CVC which was in favor of the undersigned. M.S., Dr. Ashok Jaiswal had endorsed the letter filthily, disclosed my identity, and violated the privacy of undersigned.

I then submitted my confirmation and grievances to CVC through another letter dated 28-08-2013 with the details of disclosure of my Identity by the Medical Superintendent, Aruna Asaf Ali Govt. Hospital and broadcast to Dr. Surendra Singh, Dr. Amit Sharma who are the main culprits of corruption.   

The aforesaid correspondence was registered by the CVC under  “PUBLIC INTEREST DISCLOSURE &PROTECTION OF INFORMATION RESOLUTION” vide complaint no. 4726/13/10 and sent the intimation through letter dated 26-09-2013 which was again deliberately opened by Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and same filthy endorsement done and marked to the Vigilance officer, Dr. Amit Sharma. Afterward, all the above mentioned doctors including the Medical Superintendent had started negative canvasing against me in the hospital as well as to higher authorities of Health &Family Welfare department in Delhi Secretariat.

Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and his co-accused Dr. Amit Sharma and Dr. Surendra Singh in connivance with Secretary Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das, successfully transferred the undersigned through letter dated 28-11-13 to BJRM Hospital to hide their corrupt activities, shut my voice against corruption and they an easily destroy the evidences. Mr. S.C.L. Das has fully co-operated the alleged doctors in all their schemes and therefore not transferred them from AAAGH. 

Immediately, I submitted my representation in CVC regarding initiation of harassment of Whistle Blower in form of first step of transfer and simultaneously submitted representation to Hon'ble Lt. Governor and Secretary Health but none of the authorities heard and all have closed their doors for me. Sir, my transfer was done in such a situation which definitely raised the eyebrows towards Mr. S.C.L. Das and proved the connivance with the corrupt doctors of AAAGH. Mr. S.C.L. Das was in more hurry to transfer me from AAAGH because it is done when  MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT was enforced in Delhi in view of parliament elections and done far from my residence.

1.    Representation given to CVC on dated 03-12-2013 
 Representation given to Pr. Secretary Health on 09-12-2013 
Representation given to Sh. Satyender Jain, Hon'ble Health Minister of Delhi on 09-01-2014 
 Representation given to Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi on 11-01-2014 

Sir, CVC promise to prevent the identity of WHISTLE BLOWER, prevent from Harassment and for action against the official who if disclosed the identity of Whistle blower. BUT CVC has not done any thing even after several reminders regarding disclosure of my identity and harassment by the senior officials of H & FW Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi till date. 

Afterward, I started my own campaign to fight against this corruption and knocked several doors meant to fight against corruption in Government and all the efforts get failed. Earlier on dated 21-04-14, I have forwarded an E-Mail to most of the concerned officials about the “CORRUPTION HELD IN ARUNA ASAF ALI GOVT HOSPITAL (AAAGH), 5-RAJPUR ROAD, DELHI-54” regarding no enquiry was conducted on the complaints. 
Copy of corruption of AAAGH, mailed on 21-04-2014. Download .pdf file 

I raised my voice against the corrupt doctors of AAAGH but the harassment started by Mr. S.C.L. Das, Secretary Health, Govt of NCT of Delhi side. Harassment started from the transfer reached to the files where I worked to help the administration of AAAGH in addition to my daily routine work of patient care. Finally Mr. S.C.L. Das got one file proceeded for procurement of Photocopier Machine in AAAGH.  Mr. S.C.L. Das started to nail me at every step in this regard due to the reasons well known to him with protection of Dr. Ashok Jaiswal, against whom several corruption cases are unearthed. The details of this case is as follows:

A photocopier machine was purchased in AAAGH on DGS&D rates in March 2013 and I was the purchase officer in the said matter. All necessary exercise was done being the purchase officer and enclosed the relevant documents before put up the file to Purchase Committee. All the codal formalities were duly followed and approval was taken by the MS, being the competent authority on 16-03-2013 and then the purchase was proceeded with. This machine was installed and after getting Expenditure Sanction from the M.S., competent authority of the hospital. The bill was sent to PAO for clearing where PAO raised the objection that Photocopier Machine is Economical Ban item issued from Finance department and prior approval is essential. This file was sent to Secretary Health for Ex-post Facto-Sanction. 

Memo dated 10-06-13 was issued by Mr. S.B. Shashank (Special Secretary H&FW) in favor of  Purchase officer, all the members of purchase committee, Account officer and M.S, AAAGH stated that purchase committee did not point out about the competency of authority and violated rule 21 and 22 of GFR. 

The reply of memo was given accordingly and several times apologizes for mistake if happened from the part of P.O. In fact the mentioned memo so issued was not maintainable against the purchase officer because Purchase Officer is not a competent authority who incurs any expenditure as mentioned under Rule 22 of GFR-2005.

Again a memo and an office order was issued to me by Dr. Kulbhushan Goyal, Head Of Office (HOO) of AAAGH, on 19-09-2013 in which Secretary Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das has ordered to divest me from the post of Purchase Officer (as punishment) and again explanation asked from myself and Account Officer which was responded accordingly. it was quite surprising and shocking that no queries were done from the Competent Authority i.e. M.S. of the hospital who is actually responsible for all the financial sanctions and responsibilities. This file contained remarks of “SCANDAL” from Finance Department and it is also endorsed by H & FW Deptt. 

Further Mr. S.C.L. Das has issued the Circular No. 1(74)/2010/OPD/ASJH/Pt. File/724-764 dated 30-09-2013 and another Circular No 11(5)/4/Purchase/AAAGH/2013-13/891-898 dated 05-11-2013 which was self explanatory and clearly talks about the liabilities and responsibilities of HODs/MSs of the hospital.

On dated 30-05-14, Mr. S.C.L. Das has issued a Memorandum of “written Warning” with remark to place copy of this Memorandum in the ACR Dossiers of the concerned Doctors/officers and confirmation taken in the matter within ten days to this office. Here Mr. S.C.L. Das saved Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and not included the name of Dr. Ashok Jaiswal in the list of doctors against whom punishment is ordered. This letter served me from M.S. AAAGH through M.S. BJRM Hospital on 28-08-14 after 90 days.

Now it has come to my knowledge from officers of AAAGH that a letter is sent from H & FW Deptt to file CHARGE SHEET under Rule 16 within 3 days against all the members of Purchase committee, Purchase Officer, Account officer and M.S.

The dubious nature of Secretary Finance & H & FW Deptt can also be understand from another case of AAAGH which was regarding OUTSOURCE OF PATHOLOGY LAB IN AAAGH.  It is a case where there was involvement of Rs. 1,15,97,630/- (Rs. One Crore Fifteen Lakhs Ninety Seven Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty Only). In this case the M.S. Has taken  administrative approval but prior approval of Expenditure sanction was not taken from Finance Department which was mandatory in nature. Then Ex-post facto sanction of the above mentioned amount was taken from Finance Department (FD) for the period of 2 years from 26-11-2009 to 31-10-2011 and further 6 months extension was also granted from Finance department.Here all the issues were easily justified by FD itself and also sanctioned without issuance of any memo to any of the concerned Doctors/officers. This case is not declared as “SCANDAL” by FD and H & FW Deptt. Dr. Ashok Jaiswal has also played a significant role in this case.

The above said two cases of Ex-post-facto Sanctions are clearly indicating towards the involvement of corruption which is smoothly covered on one side and on another side it is declared as SCANDAL, Punishing the whistle blower, trying to ruin the Carrier of Whistle blower, doing harassment because here they have not received any bribe. Then how they can pass the file without bribe? If it is not true then Mr. S.C.L. Das must explain the reason behind both the cases.
Declaring the procurement of photocopier machine as “SCANDAL” is indicating towards the negative biased attitude of competent authorities, because: 
1.    Procurement was done on DGS&D approved rates.
2.    All codal formalities were meted out i.e. A/A & E/S taken from the M.S. being the competent authority of the hospital.
3.    None of the channel of file movement was by passed.
4.    Payment is still not released.
5.    Machine was installed in the hospital within stipulated time and still in working status.
6.    No transaction of money was done.

Q1. HOW PURCHASE OF PHOTOCOPIER MACHINE IS A SCANDAL stated by the Finance as well as H&FW Deptt? Both Competent authorities must reply for this question.
Q2. How many scandals of various Delhi govt. hospitals came in the knowledge of Mr. S.C.L. Das?
Q3. What legal/departmental action taken by Mr. S.C.L. Das against the authorities of the hospital?
Q4. How many doctors/officials/employees are/were booked for doing SCANDAL in hospitals? 
Q5. Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has not taken any legal/departmental action against the proved SCANDALS of AAAGH and even not issued a single memo to any one doctor? About 11 cases of corruption in AAAGH brought in the knowledge of Secretary Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das in which he has not done anything. He has not issued even a single Memo to any one corrupt doctor. He has not transferred to any alleged doctor from the crime place to prevent further destruction of evidences and to complete smooth fair enquiry. In other cases of corruption of other hospital, he has not done anything. BUT he found SCANDAL in purchase of photocopier machine.
Q6. What action taken by Mr. S.C.L. Das in the SCANDAL of AGE DETERMINATION CASES of AAAGH? Not even a single memo issued against Dr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Surendra Singh and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal.

1.    Is Ex-post-facto sanction is a criminal offense?
2.    How many Ex-post-facto sanctions  given by Mr. S.C.L. Das to till date in his tenure in H & FW Deptt?
3.    How many memos issued to alleged officers against each Ex-post-facto sanction forwarded by the authorities of hospitals to Mr. S.C.L. Das?
4.    How many inquiries he has ordered in each case of Ex-post-facto sanction cases?


Mr. S.C.L. Das has used SU-MOTO power and PUNISHMENT IMPOSED ON THE DOCTORS/OFFICIALS IN FORM OF ATTACHMENT OF MEMORANDUM IN ACR DOSSIER WITHOUT INQUIRY AND NOT PROVIDED REASONABLE OPPORTUNITY OF BEING HEARD IN RESPECT OF CHARGES. Is it not the violation of Article 311 of Indian Constitutional Act? It is definitely violation of Article 311 of Indian Constitutional Act.  It is showing the eagerness of Mr. S.C.L. Das to penalize and do harassment of the Whistle Blower as soon as he can do. 

Why Mr. S.C.L. Das is annoyed with Dr. Avinash Kumar? What crime Dr. Avinash Kumar has committed?
Dr. Avinash Kumar has not done anything wrong against Mr. S.C.L. Das or any other officer of H&FW Deptt. Yes,

he has committed one crime of raising voice as WHISTLE BLOWER against the corruption held in AAAGH. Therefore, It directly indicating that Mr. S.C.L. Das is getting share of corruption from the corrupt doctors of AAAGH which is stopped due to the act of Dr. Avinash Kumar and he is annoyed.

There are a lot of questions pointing out Mr. S.C.L. Das towards his corrupt act and biased attitude against Dr. Avinash Kumar which are as follows:  
1.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das ordered to divest Dr. Avinash Kumar from the post of Purchase Officer ALONE?
2.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has not ordered to divest all the Purchase Committee?
3.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has not divested Medical Superintendent from his post? Why he continued him on the same post?
4.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has ordered to issue 2nd memo to Dr. Avinash Kumar (P.O.) only and Account Officer on dated 19-09-2013 ?   
5.    Earlier he issued the memo dated 10-06-13 to each individual in their own name. Final Action taken Memorandum dated 30-05-14 was also issued to all individuals in their own name. Why this letter was not issued in favor of me individually and kept me in dark for about 3 months (90 days)? M.S. AAAGH has issued me this memorandum dated 30-05-14 on 21-08-14 which I got on 28-08-14 through M.S. BJRM Hospital. 
6.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das excluded Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (previous M.S.) from this punishment of attachment of written warning in ACR Dossier?
7.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has not provided reasonable opportunity of being heard in respect of charges before imposing punishment and violated Article 311 of Indian Constitutional Act? 
8.    Why   Mr. S.C.L. Das punished Dr. Avinash Kumar several times in form of first order to divest from the post of purchase officer, second order to issue 2nd memo to only me and 3rd order of attachment of Memo in ACR Dossier?
9.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has ordered to file charge sheet after imposing punishment?

1.    Dr. Avinash Kumar is not a competent authority and having no power to provide A/A and E/S. Therefore violation of GFR rule 21 and 22 is not maintained in this case.
2.    It is the duty of Medical Superintendent to know his delegated power before sitting on the chair of Medical Superintendent and it is also duty of his higher competent authority to provide the guidelines and make aware regarding his power before offering the chair of Medical Superintendent.
3.    H & FW Deptt. has violated the section 4 (1)(b)(v) of RTI Act 2005 and not published rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by them or used by its employees for discharging its function and also violated  section 4 (1)(b)(xvii) of RTI Act 2005 by not updating the all, if issued.
4.    I have filed RTIs in H & FW Deptt to know about the functions and duties of Purchase Officer, Purchase committee, Specialists, Medical officers, etc. and got reply that “ this information is not held in this section”. When H & FW Deptt don't know about the functions and duties of Purchase Officer, Purchase committee, Specialists, Medical officers, etc. then How Mr. S.C.L. Das secretary Health, H & FW Deptt can punish me under any General Finance Rule or under violation of RULE 21 & 22 OF GFR.
5.    Mr. S.C.L. Das had already imposed one punishment in form to divest me from the post of purchase officer. Afterward, how many penalties he wish to impose on myself? Therefore, written warning attachment in ACR Dossier is unjustified. 
6.     Punishment imposed in form of attachment of written warning is issued by violation of article 311 of Indian Constitutional Act and no opportunity is given to being heard.

Hereby disclosing real SCANDAL of AAAGH done by daring corrupt doctors with Hon'ble Courts and Simultaneously it it is a contempt of Delhi High Court order. The brief detail is as follows:

Dr. Amit Sharma (CMO NFSG) is a MBBS doctor and having no Post-graduation degree. He is still working as HOD Radiology in AAAGH. He was a board member of “AGE DETERMINATION CASES” since May 2010 to April 2014 as Radiologist. It is done when a senior most Dr. P.S. Kiran was also present in the hospital as Radiologist since about 20 years and retired in March 2013. Dr. Surendra Singh was chairman of medical board. 
Why Dr. P.S. Kiran (Radiologist) was replaced by Amit Sharma a simple MBBS Doctor in May 2010 to April 2014 in AGE DETERMINATION CASES ordered by Hon'ble courts for Age determination of criminals? 
IT IS A SCANDAL and is in the knowledge of Mr.S.C.L. Das but he has not done anything till date. AGE DETERMINATION conducted by un-qualified doctor as Radiologist for last 4 years.

IT IS CONTEMPT OF HIGH COURT ORDER. (See reference F.No. 69(Misc)/2012/H&FW/826-843 DATED 01-02-2013, issued by Mr. S.B. Shashank, Sp. Secretary, H & FW Deptt in the matter of CPW No. 8889/2011). It is issued on the direction of Delhi High Court and Health department has sent the compliance report to the Hon'ble Delhi High Court.   

Mr. S.C.L. Das, Secretary Health is responsible for  promotion of corruption in H & FW Department. It is proved by the following questions for which the law of India as well as government is also emphasizing to do. The questions are as follows:
1.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has not framed Transfer Policy for the Doctors in H & FW Department? On 22-08-14, a transfer policy is issued by H & FW Department but no where it is mentioned about the transfer of doctors who are sitting in a hospital for more than 10 years. In this regard, several representations were given by the doctors to the department but not included in transfer policy.
2.    What criteria Mr. S.C.L. Das has used to transfer the doctors before 22-08-14 without having a transfer policy? Here he used this weapon against doctors as dictatorship and corruption.
3.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has transferred a Whistle Blower and not transferred the alleged Doctors who are involved in corruption even knowing the identity of Whistle Blower?
4.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das has not worked on policies related to Uniformity in hospitals? Many hospitals in Delhi Govt. not paying allowances uniformly to the doctors for which they are entitled. No circular or guidelines issued in this regard even getting complaints/files from the hospitals in this regard. 
5.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das has not done anything to increase transparency in work in hospitals, so that corruption can be curbed? 
6.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das has given protection to the corrupt doctors of AAAGH? Why not transferred the alleged doctors even written representation was given and stated that they will destroy the evidences.
7.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das is protecting Dr. Amit Sharma (CMO NFSG) against whom the charges are proved in the enquiry and still not transferred from AAAGH?
8.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das has not transferred the alleged doctors before ordering enquiry in AAAGH in view of quick and fair enquiry? He transferred the alleged 2 doctors after completing the inquiry against these doctors which was held in the same Hospital i.e. AAAGH and after intervention of Hon'ble Lt. Governor?
9.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das given promotional cum transfer posting to Dr. Surendra Singh from 100 bedded hospital to 250 bedded Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Pitampura and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal to 500 bedded Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, Rohini? Is it to do more corruption in big hospital and provide them more share in corruption?
10.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das has not implemented Section 4 (1)(b) of RTI Act 2005 in which stated to publish 16 points in view to provide information to public? 
11.    Why  Mr. S.C.L. Das has not published the function, power and duties of its officers and employees as per Section 4 (1)(b)(ii) of RTI Act 2005? 
12.    Why Mr. S.CL. Das has not settled the PGMS Grievances in stipulated time period. I have filled 2 grievances on PGMS in the month of March 2014 and April 2014 but not resolved the issues till date.

1.    Each and every complaint of corruption of AAAGH forwarded to M.S. Dr. Ashok Jaiswal for enquiry and action. Who will enquire and who will take action against himself? Is Mr. S.C.L. Das is not aware or don't know about this fact?
2.    CVC complaints also forwarded to Dr. Ashok Jaiswal for enquiry and action.
3.    All directions of enquiry and action ordered by higher authorities or investigating agencies are also forwarded to Dr. Ashok Jaiswal. Why he has not initiated any action against culprits? These all incidences directly pointing out the role of Mr. S.C.L. Das hand in gloves. 
4.    Transferred the Whistle Blower to shut the voice of whistle blower.
5.    Provided sufficient time of about more than 5 months to the alleged doctors Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and Dr. Surendra Singh to destroy the evidence and manipulate the enquiry after the transfer of Whistle blower. 
6.    Not even a single memo issued to any corrupt official of AAAGH till date.
7.    Out of 3 alleged corrupt doctors, he only transferred 2 doctors when Hon’ble Lt. Governor intervened in the matter on 08-05-14.
8.    Transfer done in form of a promotional posting like Dr. Surendra Singh Transferred from 100 bedded  to 250 Bedded Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Pitampura and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal transferred to 500 bedded Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, Rohini to do more corruption???
9.    Why he has not transferred Dr. Amit Sharma, a third alleged doctor to till date?
10.    Why he is protecting Dr. Amit Sharma?
11.    No system created to fight against corruption. Vigilance section opened for an eyewash.
12.    Rotation policy not implemented as directed by CVC as per No. 004/VGL.090/225553 DATED 11-09-2013 and Circular no. 03/09/13. In most of the hospitals doctors and pharmacists holding sensitive seats since more than 3 years.
13.    Nothing done in public interest. Most of the hospitals are not doing their tenders since a long but no action taken.
14.    Doctors engaged in administrative work and they work under threat of M.S. and sec. Health. It is the major cause of poor patient care in hospitals.
15.    No efforts taken to provide clerical staff in hospitals to handle administrative work in hospital.
16.    In outsource of services, the competent authority is Secretary Health. In most of the hospitals, the payment of outsourced service providers are pending due to issue of EPF, Bank accounts, etc since several years and direct sufferers are poor security guards are sanitation staff. Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has not tried to solve the problems in public interest and for poor workers?   

1.    A committee of doctors of AAAGH started enquiry in the month of Oct-Nov 2013 and submitted their detailed final report on 08-05-14 to Secretary Health, Mr. S.C.L. Das in the office of Hon'ble Lt. Governor after his intervention.
2.    On dated 09-05-14, Mr. S.C.L. Das transferred Dr. Surendra Singh and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and spared Dr. Amit Sharma.
3.    On dated 07-07-14, Directorate of Vigilance issued a letter no: F.5/DOV/Health/11/2014/5747 TO Principal Secretary ( H& FW) regarding Initiation of D/P against Dr. S.B. Srivastava, Dr. Surendra Singh and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal and directed to file a formal complaint to ACB and furnish draft Charge Sheet along with authenticated copies. BUT Mr. S.C.L. Again forwarded this letter to M.S. AAAGH for the compliance. 
4.    Why Mr. S.C.L. Das has himself not compliance the order which is especially concerned with Corruption? It is important to mention here that Mr. S.C.L. Das has shown his full interest to book Whistle Blower in case of Photocopier machine and following regularly BUT in the proved case of corruption he is not showing his interest? Why he is not interested in the matter of corruption? It is because he is a part of the said corruption. 
5.    MS. AAAGH has filed the case with ACB on 22-07-14 through diary no. 7662 and 7663 but no action taken from ACB till date. 

Mr. S.C.L. Das get transferred from Delhi Government twice in 6 month period in First week of February and on 21-07-2014 to Andman with stand relieve order but still he is working in H & FW Deptt, Govt of NCT of Delhi. What does it mean? What public should understand about cancellation of Stand Relieve Transfer Order? What idealism Mr. S.C.L. Das presenting towards the employees of Delhi Government?

It means stand relieve order has no meaning as per law. It conveys the message to other Govt. employee that stand relieve order is nothing and it can be bypassed and no legal/departmental action can be imposed. BUT this reinstatement of Mr. S.C.L. Das raising several issues in this regard which is as follows:
1.    Is Mr. S.C.L. Das is most powerful person in India that no authority can transfer him without his will?
2.    How Mr. S.C.L. Das manages the cancellation of transfer orders twice in 6 months?
3.    Why he is reinstated at the same place even passing the stand relieve transferred orders?
4.    What is the vested interest of Mr. S.C.L. Das to stay in H & FW Dett?
5.    When Mr. S.C.L. Das don't believe in stand relive orders then How he has passed stand relieve transfer orders of his employees?
6.    If any employee in H & FW Deptt refuse to follow the stand relieve order, the what legal/departmental action Mr. S.C.L. Das will take against that employee?
7.    Is it not the promotion of corruption in transfer orders?

I have written the issue of Photocopier Machine to CVC and Chief Secretary, Delhi on dated 27-06-14 through speed post no. ED387831197 IN and ED387831183 IN respectively  but I have not received any reply or relief from them. During waiting, I received the punishment letter on 28-08-14 from the M.S. AAAGH regarding attachment of written warning in ACR Dossier to ruin my carrier and simultaneously heard about the dirty & biased written order sent to M.S. AAAGH to file Charge Sheet against me and other doctors.  

Then what I should do? Where I should go to prevent myself from the continuous harassment from Mr. S.C.L. Das? If I do any physical effort in search of suitable competent authority, it will hamper my daily duty in public interest. It will take a long time and in between I fear, Mr. S.C.L. Das can harm to any instinct. Now I also fear that Mr. S.CL. Das can use the power of suppliers and book me in another charges and harm me physically at any time and endanger my life or member of my family. Therefore, I am using the route of E-Mail to communicate all to convey my voice against corruption and I can get a suitable competent authority who can do something against corruption, protect the whistle Blower, harassment  and also keep me away from going into depression and to develop suicidal tendency. 

1.    Don't try to understand yourself as Govt. Servant. You are always remain a slave of higher authorities.
2.     Always shut your mouth otherwise you will be penalized by any mean. 
3.    Don't advise your seniors and don't do argument even in cases of public interest. 
4.    Don't become honest and always support the corruption of higher authorities.
5.    Never blow your Whistle against Corruption.
6.    Blow your Whistle on your own risk with keeping you and your family on the edge of sward.
7.    Never do faith on Central Vigilance Commission and their disclosures because CVC itself discloses the identity of the Whistle Blower. It also happened in my case.
8.    Never do faith on the disclosure of protection provided/ordered by CVC. They have not done anything even not communicated a single time. 
Above statement given on my personal experience and rest people of India know well – How to survive in Govt setups and in India?

I know, the opposite party of cartel of doctors, suppliers, authorities are very strong by power and with money. They can do any thing with me in minutes. If I stepped backward at this stage, the opposition will take revenge immediately. If I proceed forward, there may be chance that they may not harm me immediately because the name of corrupt people and suppliers are registered in the cases and they will be caught and punished easily. It is sure, I'm on the radar of this cartel. Though I stepped as WHISTLE BLOWER , then it is also sure that my death will not be natural AND I am proudly ready to sacrifice myself for the country.  
    All my doors are closed now and to get ray of light, writing you this letter.  

I hereby declare that in case of any injury or any mishap occurs at any time or day on myself or to any member of my family, the whole responsibility shall be on Mr. S.C.L. Das ( Secy. Health), GNCT of Delhi, Dr. Surendra Singh, Dr. Ashok Jaiswal, Dr. S.B. Srivastava, Dr. Amit Sharma and suppliers of those firms against whom I exposed their involvement in corruption.

Your's Faithfully
Date: 31-08-14
Dr. Avinash Kumar
B-3/4E, Gasta Complex
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063
Mobile No: 9560593045


 Copy of Speed Post dated 01-09-2014

 Full Letter dated 31-08-2014

Details of Other Correspondences:





Email copy dated 19-09-2014 of Sh. B.S. Bassi, Commissioner of Police, Delhi, Complaint Ref. No. 13075/E-mail



Copy of Portal for Public Grievance, DOPT, Reg No: GNCTD/E/2014/04904 dated 31-08-2014



Copy of Email to Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Delhi Grievance Cell dated 01-09-2015



Copy of Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, Letter dated 22-09-2014



Copy of Complaint Status to CVC, Ref No: 29159/2014/Vigilance 8



Copy of Reply sent to Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India on dated 06-10-2014



Copy of Directorate of Vigilance, Delhi Secretariat, Delhi dated 28-10-2014



Copy of Ministry of H & FW Deptt, Govt. of India dated 23-12-2014



Copy of Letter sent to Under Secretary, Ministry of H & FW Deptt, Govt. of India on dated 12-01-2015



Copy of Ministry of H & FW Deptt, Govt. of India dated 20-01-2015



Copy of Email of National Human Right Commission (NHRC) Dated 06-12-2014, Reg. No.: 8474/30/9/2014



Copy of Email dated 15-02-2015 to authorities of AAP Authorities