NEWS Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016         Dr. Surender Singh (CMO NFSG) and Dr. Ashok Jaiswal (SAG) involved in criminal/ departmental proceedings must be suspended to check corruption, Posted on 06th November 2016        
Patients life on risk due to Supply of Sub-standard Medicines in Hospitals
Published on 10 July 2016

 Full Letter in .pdf file

To,                                            Date: 10-07-2016

  1. Hon'ble President of India

  2. Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

  3. Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, GNCTD

  4. Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  5. Hon'ble Dy. Chief Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  6. Hon'ble Health Minister of Delhi, GNCTD

  7. Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commission, Delhi

  8. Chief Secretary of Delhi, GNCTD

  9. Secretary (H&FW), GNCTD

  10. Others

 Copy of Email sent to Higher Authorities

Subject: Patients life on risk due to Supply of Sub-standard Medicines in Hospitals

  • Drug Analysis Reports are get Manipulated & Fabricated by Director, CPA

  • Firm not Blacklisted against frequent supply of Sub-standard Medicines

  • CPA passed bills without having Financial Power

Respected Sir,

There are endless corruption cases endorsed in H & FW Deptt which are pending for enquiry & departmental action and it seems that department is promoting corruption. The promotional attitude of H & FW Deptt has developed Central Procurement Agency (CPA) a new hub of corruption. CPA works under Directorate General Of Health Services (DGHS), GNCT of Delhi, earlier known as Directorate of Health Services (DHS) situated at F-17, Karkardooma, Delhi-110032.

Corruption stories of H & FW Deptt with documentary evidences are available on website www.corruptionfile.comlaunched by the undersigned Whistle blower, waiting for action.

Delhi Govt is trying hard to strengthen the health care system of Delhi andcommitted to provide 100% standard quality medicines to public. To fulfill the commitment, Delhi Govt. restricted all Delhi Govt Hospital doctors not to prescribe medicines from outside and should prescribe the medicines only from Essential Drug List (EDL) 2016. CPA has been assigned the responsibility to maintain 100% supply of standard quality Medicines to all Delhi Govt. Hospitals and Dispensaries butDirector CPA, Dr. Vijoy Kumar is smashing the efforts of Delhi Govt through his corrupt activities and playing with the precious lives of people of Delhi also.

The quality of Generic medicines are always remain a doubt for the doctors as well as patients whether they are effective or not. Therefore, to check the reality, the undersigned Whistle blower filed RTI in DGHS office to get information regarding Drug Analysis Report of medicines, amount withheld/recovered against sub-standard medicines and details of firms Blacklisted by CPA in the F.Y. 2015-16 (RTI Dated 19-03-2016; RIT ID: 2016153).

Director CPA provided Manipulated and Fabricated documents of Drug Analysis Reports of total 8 Medicines along with a list of 6 Medicines declared Sub-standard. All the six medicines belongs to Manufacturer M/s MINOPHARM LABORATORIES (P) LTD. The Reports of 8 Medicines are fabricated to such extent that it is hard to match with the list of 6 medicines. No firm has been Blacklisted. Thereafter, an appeal has been filed in DGHS on 16-05-2016 for inspection of records but Director CPA, Dr. Vijoy Kumar refrained from the hearing and file inspection on 08-06-2016. Addl. Director, DGHS directed to provide reports within 10 days but Director CPA has not provided documents till date.

 Copy of RTI dated 19-03-2016

 Reply of RTI dated 19-03-2016 ID: 2016163 (Part-1)

 Reply of RTI dated 19-03-2016 ID: 2016163 (Part-2)

Director CPA, Dr. Vijoy Kumar also concealed status of other Sub-standard medicines under RTI. Syp. Antacid and Inj. Ringer Lactate 500ml were also declared sub-standard in Jan 2016.

 Copy of Sub-standard Syp. Antacid and Inj Ringer Lactate

Babu Jagjivan Ram Memorial (BJRM) Hospital had sent Sample of Inj. Ceftriaxone Batch No. 151067, Mfg dt 10/15 & Exp. Dt: 03/17 of Minopharm Laboratories (P) Ltd to CPA on 23-02-2016 for Drug Analysis but CPA has not provided the report to the hospital till date.

  1. Why Director CPA done Manipulation and Fabrication of Drug Analysis Report?

  2. Why Director CPA refrained from File Inspection to undersigned Whistle blower under RTI?

  3. When 6 Medicines of a firm declared Sub-standard, then Why Director CPA not Blacklisted the firm as per the terms and conditions of the tender?

  4. Why Director CPA is concealing information about Sub-standard medicines?

  5. Why Director CPA not supplied the Drug Analysis report to BJRM Hospital even after passing of 4 ½ months? How much time it takes to get Drug Analysis Report?

  6. Why Director CPA has not done any recovery from the Manufacturer/supplier of firms?


Hiding information confirms that Sub-standard medicines were/are supplied & distributed by Delhi Govt. hospitals and consumed by the patients. Director, CPA is playing with the lives of patient and favoring the suppliers even after supply of Sub-standard Medicines. Adverse impact on patients health can not be ruled out.

Director CPA has developed a pre-planned network of corruption in supply of medicines, consumables and hospital equipments to all Delhi Govt. Hospitals in collaboration with H& FW Deptt, GNCTD. Collaboration of H & FW Deptt restricted them to take action against illegal activities of CPA.

Director CPA restricted all Delhi Govt. hospitals to do their own tenders for procurement of medicines/consumables/equipments and instructed all to submit the annual demand through a software named “NIRANTAR” so that only CPA can supply the medicines to hospitals.

CPA invited open tender for procurement of Medicines and failed to supply all medicines mentioned under EDL. CPA further validated the tenders and extended utilization of Rate Contract (R/C) of other hospitals like BSA Hospital and LNJP Hospital, DDU Hospital, Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, etc. to fulfill the demand of medicines raised from all Delhi Govt Hospitals.

Simultaneously, the annual budget of the hospitals for procurement of medicines consumables and hospital equipments is curtailed. Then CPA ordered that all payment of firms will be made by CPA only and after completing all codal formalities by the hospitals. However, Director CPA declared under DGHS RTI ID: 2015484 & H&FW RTI ID:7813 that the Financial power not delegated to him and H& FW Deptt has also refused for any information about delegated Financial Power of DGHS. On the other hand, Full power assigned to Medical Superintendents of Hospitals by Finance (Account) Department in office Memorandum No. F.8/3/2010-AC/usfa/41-44 dated 12-03-2015.

  1. Why CPA has not developed strong system for supply of EDL medicines and restricted all hospitals to do their own tenders, in absence of valid Rate contracts?

  2. Why CPA is utilizing Rate contract of other hospitals against Financial Rules when restriction imposed on hospitals to do their own tender?

  3. Hospitals were also doing their own tender for procurement of Medicines/Consumables/ equipments as per their requirement and they utilize other hospitals rates in emergency for few items. Then what is new done by CPA?

  4. Other hospitals taken Performance Guarantee/EMD of tenderers as per their Estimated work contract. Pl. let me know whether the hospitals has taken extra Performance Guarantee/EMD from the suppliers? Which Financial Rule CPA is utilizing?

  5. Whether CPA is a bill passing Agency only?

  6. Why Director CPA is only interested to pass the bills of the firms from his own hands? Is it an attempt to collect commission from the suppliers on each & every bill?

  7. When DGHS and Director CPA has no Financial Power then How CPA can do payment to the suppliers? However, all the financial power are Delegated to the M.S. of the Hospitals and Director CPA & DGHS has no financial power.



  1. Director CPA has engaged about 45 Employees in CPA against sanctioned 15 Posts. Now, CPA is India's First Govt. Office where 3 times extra employees are working against Sanctioned posts. Who has given unauthorized approval for illegal placement in CPA?

  2. 4 Biomedical Engineers are working in CPA against NIL post.Biomedical Engineers are appointed on contractual basis in Jan 2016 by DSHM at monthly remuneration of Rs. 37,930/-to do Installation of all Medical equipment(s); Ensure Optimum utilization of all equipment(s) with required maintenance; Regular monitoring & maintenance of equipment(s) to decrease Break down time; 5. Periodic Preventive Maintenance / Calibration of Medical Equipment (s); Ensure all the Medical / Non-Medical equipment(s) of the Hospital under Annual Maintenance Contract; etc. However, these Biomedical Engineers had never repaired any hospital equipment (This information given by Director CPA, Dr. Vijoy Kumar under RTI).

    • Who has fraudulently created post of Biomedical Engineers in DSHM?

    • Who has diverted these Biomedical Engineers to CPA where no work exist for them?

    • Why Hospital equipments were/are not handed over them for Repair/AMC/CMC?

    • Who is the responsible officer misusing his power in Delhi Govt.?

  1. CPA has procured 18 Desktop Computers + 6 Laptops = 24 Computers against total sanctioned 15 Posts. Who has submitted the proposal to the competent Authorities of DGHS and H & FW Deptt? Who has given the Administrative Approval (A/A) and Expenditure Sanction (E/S) to procure these computers?


Now, let us see what the competent authorities of Delhi Govt. will do against corruption of CPA which is played by Director CPA on the lives of patients. Whether these authorities will suspend Dr. Vijoy Kumar, Director CPA immediately OR they will raid Hospitals to hunt for innocent Doctors (as done in SRHC Hospital, Narela) who are not expert in Administrative works & no training given for it. Doctors are helping Govt to compensate the shortage of staff along with their clinical work but in turn they are punished for their inexperience Administrative work.

Now there may be chance that Director CPA may destroy the important files of CPA after establishment of Delhi Healthcare Corporation Limited (DHCL). Therefore, I request the competent authorities to seal all the files of CPA immediately, File FIR against Dr. Vijoy for Manipulation & Fabrication of Drug Analysis Reports and conduct CBI enquiry.

I further request to send maximum samples of medicines from all Delhi Govt. Hospitals for Drug Analysis as the issue pertains to the precious lives of patients.


With Regards

Whistle Blower Complainant

Dr. Avinash Kumar

B-3/4E, Gasta Complex

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063

Mobile No: 9560593045